Mom with CP Follows Intuition for Childbirth

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When Kelly first discovered she was pregnant, she experienced the range of emotions that so many expectant mothers feel during this time in their lives. What Kelly didn’t anticipate, however, was the roadblock she would experience with her doctor.


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Kelly has spastic cerebral palsy, but she didn’t imagine that her CP would be something that would prevent her from following her birth plan – at least according to her doctor. Kelly’s doctor bluntly expressed his doubts that she would be able to have a vaginal delivery due to the fact that early in her pregnancy, Kelly began losing her balance.

“What I can clearly remember is that I got told, very flippantly and abruptly was, ‘look at you, you have a disability and what do you expect?’ I felt very categorized. I marched out of the office, crying, bound and determined to have a more logical approach to this experience, and definitely a more satisfying approach to this pregnancy.”

Kelly found a midwife who listened to her birthplan goals. She trusted in Kelly’s intuition about her own body’s capability. The midwife’s approach was the logical and simple path that Kelly was looking for. The plan was to try to have her baby vaginally, but if complications arose, they would seek out a new path.

Fortunately, Kelly’s plan worked out in the end – and not only once, but twice. Kelly was able to give birth vaginally to her two sons born a few years apart.

“Only I knew what was best for me in a birth experience. I could have been robbed of these journeys had I let someone tell me about my own body and its limitations. How does anyone know about my personal limitations? Perhaps the only limitation in this scenario was in the mind of the doctor who thought I’d need a C-section. To me, my body has no limitations. It is incredible. It gives LIFE. I have so much to be thankful for.”

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