Mom of 3 (including twins!) with Muscular Dystrophy

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Camilla is a mom with muscular dystrophy. She and her boyfriend Jesper are raising three children: a pre-schooler and two young twins.

Muscular dystrophy is a disease that causes weakness and loss of muscle mass throughout the body. So for Camilla, because of the limits her muscles present, this means interacting with her children in unique and creative ways, including simultaneously bottle feeding her twins while they lie on her lap.

Photographer Claudia Gori captured Camilla going about her everyday activities as part of a final school project. Claudia created images of Camilla undergoing physical therapy, using a scooter as her method of transportation, and also tastefully captured an intimate moment of Camilla showering while sitting down.

mom simultaneously feeding two babies at once

The images Claudia captured show Camilla's every day, including the sweet moments, particularly with her children. And sometimes these were mixed with both difficulty and tenderness. During one particular interaction, when Camilla had to kneel on the floor in order to snuggle her twin babies, Claudia says of the experience, “I saw, in one gesture, both struggle and sweetness.”

Despite continuous difficulties, Camilla’s lives her life with a no-nonsense yet positive outlook.

“She knows she can’t have a different body, and it doesn’t stop her from pursuing — and achieving — her goals. All the struggles are nothing compared to her positive spirit.”

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