Michelle Carston's Pregnancy as a Quadriplegic

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Michelle Carston was paralyzed after diving into a sandbar in the ocean. Like so many others in her situation, she had to relearn everything.

“It’s not that I can’t do things, it’s just they’re done completely differently."

She met her husband, Peter, online and they clicked. “I didn’t really have any problem with the disability,” Peter says. “It didn’t really get in the way, she was still who she was.” 11 months after they got married, they were pregnant and ready to become parents. However, pregnancy was a challenge for Michelle.

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Michelle had issues early in her pregnancy that led her to be on precautionary bedrest for the majority of the time. She struggled to find doctors who were familiar with how to deal with women who are paralyzed, but they followed strict orders to ensure the safety of their baby, including lots of sonograms to track his progress. Michelle and her doctors also take extra precautions to manage her blood pressure and avoid autonomic dysreflexia, but in the end it’s all worth it. Follow them into the delivery room to see the birth of their healthy baby boy.

Michelle Carston had a difficult pregnancy, but was still able to become a mom and start a family with her husband.

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