Love, Marriage & the Baby Carriage

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Teal Sherer, paraplegic and the brains behind “My Gimpy Life” is now a party of three with her loving husband and adorable son, River.

The journey to having her son


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It all started the day she met her husband, Ali, at a Life Rolls On surfing event. “Ali was one of the big, strong volunteers and I was the surfer chick,” Teal shares. Her secret to a strong marriage is “intimacy, communication and lots of laughter,” which is how they began the journey of parenthood together.

As Teal got ready for the birth of her son, she and her doctors had to consider any potential complications that could arise from her paralysis. “I ended up being induced because my high risk obstetricians didn’t want me going too far past my due date,” Teal explains. “It was a great experience and I had River naturally.” She was eager to avoid a cesarean because of a previous surgery she had which could have been negatively impacted.

Teal is doing well nine months after giving birth, but at first she struggled with sleep deprivation and worked through postpartum depression. She’s still as active as ever now, keeping herself healthy and active.

“It’s really quite amazing what the female body is capable of and being pregnant gave me so much respect for mine.”

Adapting as a mom on wheels

As for the practical side of being a mom, Teal has made some adaptations that are perfect for her. She got a crib that allows her to open the gate and get closer to her son to pick him up. Her husband built a changing table. “It’s at a perfect height so I can easily roll under it and has big drawers to hold diapers and such,” she explains. “Down the line, it can be a desk for River.”

She’s also now equipped with a wheelchair accessible van that allows her to transport River independently, which has helped her feel more independent. She’s also found a highchair, car seat, walker and playpen that are perfect for her to use with her wheelchair.

This is a new, exciting chapter for Teal, and although it isn’t easy, she’s all about being a mom.

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