The Impact Of Spinal Cord Injury On Children

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Children don’t necessarily react to situations in the same way. “My daughters were 7 and 11 at the time,” says Tricia about when her husband was paralyzed and became a paraplegic. “It’s a little harder as far as the way the kids deal with things.” She’s seen big changes in both of her daughters, but both going in different directions.

Her older daughter, who had been very clingy, has since come out of her shell and is very independent. Her younger daughter on the other hand, was very independent and socially engaged, has now become more withdrawn and struggles with anxiety.

“We are seeing a professional for assistance with what my youngest one is dealing with in school and the anxiety she’s having with the changes that are going on in her life.”

You may not be able to control the changes in your children, but seeing a professional and seeking support has been useful for Tricia and many other parents.

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