How Paraplegic Mom Carries Baby To Car

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Beverly Himes, a paraplegic, shares YouTube videos on how she accomplishes independent living tasks related to being a parent.

Beverly demonstrates how she carries her baby to the car and secures him in his car seat.

Beverly prefers to use the “Snugli” to carry her son. Beverly has her son sit on her lap while she puts the carrier on. The carrier goes around her neck with her arms through it, and then straps in the back. After the carrier is on her body, Beverly picks her son up and puts his feet through the leg holes. There are clips on the side of the leg holes to secure the baby in place. Beverly is now able to roll her wheelchair to the car with her baby in the carrier positioned on her lap.

Beverly says she always put her keys and purse in the car before taking the baby out of the carrier. She then maneuvers her chair close to the vehicle and locks the brakes of her wheelchair. She scoots her body to the edge of her seat and then lifts her baby out of the carrier. In one swift motion, Beverly is able to transfer her baby into his car seat. Lastly, she reaches in to secure the seatbelts around him, and they are ready to go!

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