How Mom With Cerebral Palsy Transports Baby Around House

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Whitney Bailey
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Wheeling Through Life
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Whitney Bailey

Cassi Davis shares videos on her YouTube channel (Wheeling Through Life) demonstrating how she does certain tasks as a mother with cerebral palsy.

Cassi has shared videos showing how she gets her daughter Jaynee from place to place by putting her in a bassinet on wheels and pushing the bassinet around. With Jaynee getting bigger, Cassi recently upgraded her bassinet to a Wonderfold Wagon. The wagon has a harness to secure Jaynee inside, and a handlebar making it easier for Cassi to push. 

In the video above, Cassi goes over all of the different features of the wagon. Jump to 4:30 in the video as she demonstrates how she gets Jaynee out of her crib and transports her to the living room of her house. 

Can you or a loved one benefit from the Wonderfold Wagon? Check it out here!

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