Good Parenting is a Constant Effort

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Lauren is a new mother. She has faced criticism from others who doubted her ability to be a parent. And that is because Lauren has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Her decision to be a parent came after careful and responsible considerations about her health.

“I would never have become a parent if my health were bad. Disability is who I am and change how I may do things, but one can still be healthy and have a disability. It is simply, a difference.”

couple holds their newborn daughter and smiles at the camera

With the arrival of her daughter, Gia, Lauren takes extra effort to look after herself and keep herself well. “If anything, Gia has become more of my reason to live my healthiest.” People with SMA typically have shortened life expectancies due to  issues like respiratory complications. Lauren admits that she worries about the time when she will not be around for Gia. But it is this very worry that gives her extra determination and strength to live her very best.

Good parenting is a constant effort regardless of ability. At the core, it is about being there for your children through the good and the bad, and providing the best for them.

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