Getting My Wife Pregnant After Spinal Cord Injury

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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

Paralysis affects everyone differently and although it often affects fertility, particularly in men, there are many options for those who want to start a family.

As a soon-to-be quadriplegic dad, Jai and his wife explain the process they went through to get pregnant. Dr. John Tuckey, a urologist, shares some of the hurdles that men with spinal cord injury have to overcome for fertility. Jai, a quadriplegic from New Zealand, and his wife, were hesitant to jump to IVF before trying more natural options. The odds were stacked against them, but they were ultimately able to get pregnant without expensive or invasive procedures.

It’s not an option for everyone, but they share their story openly for others in their situation. Be sure to talk to your doctor to get an idea of what options are right for you and your partner.

Don’t miss part two and see how Jai has mastered being a hands-on quadriplegic dad.

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