Finding Your Independence As A Parent

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Brittany Déjean
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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

Parenting one small child is a challenge, add another, and you’ve got your hands full. Add a spinal cord injury, and you’ve got a few more challenges to manage.


a paraplegic mom in a manual wheelchair next to her husband, son, daughter and their dog

Christina Passarella is a paraplegic and the proud mom of two teens, but when they were very little, it was a rough beginning. Injured when her youngest was 15 months, Christina was in a serious car accident. During rehab at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, she worked with her therapists to get ready for taking care of her little ones.

Transitioning home wasn’t easy, but Christina worked tirelessly to establish her independence. She got her driver’s license and within a year she no longer needed help with her kids.

She has sage advice for any parent looking to fast track adapting to being mom or dad on wheels:

“Try to do everything yourself. You’ll learn how to make things work by doing. Everything will fall into place.”

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