Defining Moment As A Child With A Disability

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Written by
Brittany Déjean
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Written by
Brittany Déjean

As a child, a playground is a place to run around, but having a disability at such a young age made it a little different for Theresa- she was a little more restricted by her mobility.

“My parents have always been the kind of parents that try not to limit their child.”

This came to the test when she was 7 years old and found a particular obstacle on the playground that she was very determined to climb. “I don’t remember how high it was already…but for a 7 year old child with disability, it was a high structure,” she laughs. Her parents were hesitant at first, but thankfully, didn’t try to stop her. “My parents thought…’if she falls then we’ll deal with it later’,” Theresa shares.

“Of course it didn’t occur to me how to get down, but I was really happy that I made it all the way up there!” says Theresa with a smile. This experience has stuck with her as one of her defining moments because her parents believed in her and it gave her the confidence that she could do anything.

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