Daughter's Response to Father's Disability

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Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Elizabeth has grown up with a father who uses a wheelchair. She was asked the question “What is the hardest part of having a family member with a disability?” Her answer had little to do with his physical state and more to do with society’s perception of disability.

“I don’t want other people to look at my dad in a wheelchair and think that we have such a difficult life. That (disability) is such a barrier for us, because it’s not a barrier.”

Elizabeth and her father have a normal relationship and live life. Elizabeth says that her dad is not introverted as some might choose to believe. However, the stares and assumptions about her dad are difficult for her to witness while in public. Elizabeth realizes that some are being polite, but she wishes they would realize that her dad is no different than anyone else.

“I don’t want (people) to think that just because (my dad) is in a wheelchair that he can’t do whatever everyone else can do because that’s just not true.”

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