Choosing Maternity Clothing For Moms In Wheelchairs

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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

“When it comes to maternity clothes shopping, all pregnant women have the same goals in mind: to find clothes that are comfortable, stylish, versatile and help you to feel confident about your appearance.” For moms on wheels, it just requires considering a few extra points. Cheryl Price surveyed a few moms for their tips for getting the best maternity clothing.

Choosing maternity clothes that are right for you


A pregnant woman sitting, only the torso is visible

Whether you’re looking for underwear, tops or bottoms, sizing is incredibly important. When it comes to underwear, there is not much different (spoiler alert: you’re going to need a bigger size), but when it comes to shirts, some moms on wheels have struggled with the long length of standard maternity shirts that can cause problems when you’re sitting on a wheelchair. It might take finding a petite size or finding a normal shirt that’s longer, but not as long as the maternity ones.

As for the bottoms it’s all about elastic!

“Once you are ready for maternity pants that have the elastic waists, you will learn that taking off and putting on bottoms that have elastic takes much less time for those in wheelchairs than do bottoms with a button and zipper.”

In addition to that, elastic waists are safer for moms without sensation in that area. “You may not feel the discomfort, but your body will most certainly let you know, creating red marks on your body.” Be super conscious of how tight your clothes are getting as your belly grows- you don’t want to create any skin or circulation issues for you or your baby.

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