Changing a Diaper One Handed

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Robbie is dealing with one of the more tricky aspects of parenting: changing the diaper of a wiggly baby! Robbie lost his dominant arm in a motorbike accident when he was 17. Now a dad to his son Olly, Robbie is taking on the diaper-changing challenge with one hand.

First, Robbie prepares the new diaper by opening it up and flattening it as much as possible on the changing table. While Olly is still wearing the soiled diaper, Robbie slides the new diaper part way under Olly's bottom. 

Now it's time to take off the soiled diaper. Robbie releases the sticky tabs one at a time, then cautiously removes the diaper, neatly folds it up, and disposes of it. After a cleaning with a disposable wipe, Olly is ready for his new diaper!

Robbie pushes the clean diaper further beneath Olly's bottom by using some dexterous finger-work and also by utilizing his wrist and forearm to help push the back of the diaper along. Then he folds the top up and secures one tab at a time. As he fastens the second tab, Robbie says, "We can see it's going to be loose, but we'll tack it on and adjust the other side." 

After a couple tab adjustments to ensure a snug fit, Olly is ready to go!

Watch how Robbie successfully changes his son's diaper one handed!

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