Changing A Diaper With No Finger Movement

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Meg Johnson

Changing the diaper of a squirming infant can be tricky for anyone. Meg is a quadriplegic with limited hand function, and she demonstrates how she’s managed to wrangle a diaper on her infant daughter.

Meg uses her thumb grip for much of the parts where a tight hold is needed. First she removes the soiled diaper and discards it. Then she gets out a new diaper which she’s conveniently stored in the rack of the changing table. After she slips the diaper under her daughter comes the challenging part of releasing those pesky tabs on the sides. After a few tries, Meg manages to release the first one and secures it in place. She repeats the same process with the tab on the other side, and voila! her sweet daughter has a brand new diaper!

The whole process takes Meg 4:12, though the video has been edited to around 1:30. Watch how she does it!

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