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Wheeling Through Life
Written by
Whitney Bailey

Cassi Davis is a mother who was born with cerebral palsy. After having her daughter, Cassi searched YouTube for resources for parenting with a disability and found a shortage of videos for parents who have cerebral palsy.  She decided to create her own content and share it with the world to be a resource for others. Cassi shares her everyday life as a mother with a disability on her YouTube channel, Wheeling Through Life

Read below as Cassi sat down with us at AbleThrive and answered some questions about her YouTube channel, parenting, and goals for the future.

Cassi (Wheelchair) holding daughter

Why did you want to start a YouTube channel?

When I became pregnant I started to do research and find other people with Cerebral Palsy who had been pregnant or had a baby and I couldn't find a lot of things out there that were helpful. I felt so alone and I didn't want other people to feel the same way. I then thought that maybe I need to share this experience with the world so that I can use my experience to help others. I thought youtube would be a good way to reach a lot of people.

What’s one take away you hope people have from watching your videos?

TO NEVER GIVE UP. you may be struggling or you may be  “different” but that doesn't mean you can't follow your dreams.  you may have to do it in a different way but as long as you believe in yourself you can do anything you want! Sometimes life is going to be hard and you are going to be dealt with things that you didn't choose but Please don't give up! There is always something you can learn from every experience.

In the video above, Cassi discusses how she came to accept that she is not the ‘normal’ mom and that is okay!

What advice do you have for other people with disabilities who want to become parents?

If you want kids then go for it! talk to family, friends, and doctors to see what your options are. You know your body and what you can handle so don't let others or even yourself bring you down. Be open-minded to ALL your options and do what's best for you. Remember you may have to do things differently or adapt but that doesn't mean you can't do it! Don't be afraid to ask for help, you are not week if you need people to help you

Cassi in hospital bed holding newborn daughter with husband

Have there been people who have doubted your capabilities to be a parent? If so, how did you handle it?

All of my life people have doubted or questioned me or my abilities, Even myself, that just pushes me to work harder and prove them wrong. There are always going to be doubters no matter what, don't surround yourself with those people. Surround yourself with people that will always support and believe in you. People will always share their opinion or advice but you get to pick what you do with that advice they give.

What are some goals you have for your daughter? How will you help her accomplish them?

I want her to be happy and healthy. I want her to know that she is perfect the way she is. I want her to believe in herself and follow her dreams. I hope that she will be a hard worker and value the things that she has and never takes anything for granted. I hope that I will lead by example and she will learn from watching me.

Cassi family photo

What are some of your future goals?

I want to be able to travel the world and speak to people about following their dreams and to never give up. We would like to expand our family.  I would like to continue to share a message of hope and be an example for good. Whether that be on youtube, public speaking or writing a book.

What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

Living life to the fullest means to not take anything for granted. It means finding something to be thankful for and happy about in every experience. Don't waste time. Make some goals and find a way to accomplish them. Live every day like it's your last, don't live like, “I will be happy when” Be happy now.

Thanks to Cassi for sharing her story with!

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