Carrying a Baby with a T-Shirt In A Wheelchair

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Meg Johnson
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Figuring out how to push a wheelchair while carrying a baby is a big challenge. Meg Johnson, a quadriplegic mom tried pushing one hand at a time and holding her baby in the other, but that was inefficient. “I can’t go very far, very fast,” she says. She also tried laying her baby across her lap to push, but didn’t like that option either. Meg looked at hands-free carriers, but “hands-free carriers take a long time for me to put her in and get her out,” she says. Meg’s solution? A t-shirt.

Meg uses a t-shirt that is tied around her waist that she can then put over her baby’s head and have it rest comfortably around her waist. This way, Meg can push around the house and her baby is safe, secure and close to her mom. (It’s also much cheaper than buying a baby carrier!)

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