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Kristen Sachs
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Written by
Kristen Sachs

Quadriplegic Glen Dick and his daughter Elaina are always up for an adventure. Glen and his family have traveled around the US. They've experienced sites ranging from Mount Rushmore to Glacier National Park.

Glen decided to capture his adventurous spirit in his book We Can Go Anywhere: My Adventures on Daddy's Chair proving with a little imagination thrown in, there's truly no place he and Elaina can't go together.

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We Can Go Anywhere has even become part of other families' book collections. Here's what readers have to say:

  • After my husband suffered a spinal cord injury in 2015 rendering him a quadriplegic, we found this book a really helpful tool to generate discussion about living with a disability with our own young children aged 3 & 5 years. They could easily relate to the little girl in the story having a Dad in a wheelchair and enjoyed being able to share it and some of their own experiences with their peers at school & kindergarten. - Kylie Vosa
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  • We Can Go Anywhere has helped my daughter - and me - realize there are other families like ours out there. We have fun reading this book together and coming up with our own wheelchair adventures. - Jeff Sachs
  • My twin girls were 8 months old when their father was injured leaving him a quadriplegic. I purchased 2 copies of this book for home and for their classroom. The girls love their daddy reading this book to them! Their classroom and teachers got a better understanding of their life at home. We love this book! - Connie Kutsaftis

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