Bonding as a Paralyzed Parent

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“The most important thing about being a parent is spending time with your kids.”


quadriplegic dad outside accessible van with 3 daughters standing around him

Joseph is a quadriplegic and father of 3 daughters. He was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 2007, which has impacted how he can physically participate in his kids lives. Although Joseph can no longer pick them up or throw them into the pool, he still connects with his daughters via sports, particularly soccer. He often travels with them to games, coaches them, and encourages them.

Rebuilding after a spinal cord injury

Since his accident, he’s gone through a divorce and lost his career as a dentist in addition to reestablishing his life as a quadriplegic. Times have not always been easy, but he has prioritized his relationship with his daughters. He lives near where they live with their mom, and he picks them up from school multiple times a week in addition to seeing them on weekends. He is also pursuing an MBA online.

“Your kids will be okay, as long as you’re there for them. Don’t let your injury get in the way of your relationship.”

He’s seen his daughters become more independent and mature from having a quadriplegic dad and it’s strengthened their bond.

“Before I was injured, I was more concerned with how I was doing, than how my kids were doing. But now, my kids have become my heroes. There’s no greater feeling in the world than seeing them succeed and having them share their successes with me.”

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