Being A Hands-On Quadriplegic Dad

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Once Jai and his wife had their beautiful baby girl, he was committed to be a hands-on dad, despite the new challenge of having limited hand and wrist mobility. As his wife recovered from her c-section, Jai jumped right in. “Getting  her out of the cot came about more so because about that same time, Rebecca couldn’t get her out of the cot or pick her up,” he said. “I had to think to myself, now’s the best time to learn.”

Jai has noticed how his daughter has also adapted to Jai’s mobility. “She’ll sit on my lap, she won’t wiggle around because she knows,” he says. The couple have also hired a part-time helper that assists the new family of three with everything from some of Jai’s caregiving to chores in the house, which helps relieve the stress of all the responsibilities.

“The world’s changing. It’s adapting a lot more for ‘disablists’ like myself and people are getting a bit more accepting,” he says. He is just busy being the best father he can be.

Jump to 5:52 to see his adapted baby carrier that attaches to his wheelchair and allows him to carry around his daughter safely. “Now I can just cruise around the house. She’s quite happy hanging out there,” he shares.

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