Becoming A Mom Via IVF

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quadriplegic mom with her infant

Nicole became a quadriplegic from a car accident when she was a teenager. Initially, she thought her dream to one day become a mother would not be something she could attain. But eight years after her injury, Nicole became pregnant with the help of IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Nicole has the support of her family as she journeys into motherhood. When she was first considering IVF, Nicole spoke to her mother, Sandra, about taking this big step in her life.

“I talked to mum and said if I wanted a child would she support me ­because she would have to give up her job to help if I did,” shares Nicole. “I was 100 percent behind her,” says Sandra.

It took 13 months for Nicole to become pregnant, and upon hearing the news that the IVF had worked, Nicole says, “I was a little bit shocked, then ecstatic, then overwhelmed, then over the moon.”

Nicole gave birth to her son, Reagan, via Cesarean section. “It’s just a miracle, I didn’t think it would ever come true but he is perfect in every way,” says Nicole. “I won’t be able to do everything like a normal able-bodied parent but we will work it out and do the best we can.”

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