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Hayden is a 7-year-old who, like most other children his age, has a sense of adventure. Hayden was born with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and has been a wheelchair user his whole life. He loves to play with his siblings, friends, and classmates, and really wanted a treehouse in his backyard where he could interact with his peers.

boy with cerebral palsy and spina bifida cuts ribbon to accessible treehouse

Thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation, Hayden got his very own wheelchair-accessible treehouse! A local contractor in Austin, Texas where Hayden and his family live, donated their time and effort to make Hayden’s dream come true. They worked tirelessly through the rain to make sure it was ready on time.

Hayden’s mom, Adrienne, talks about what a difference the treehouse has made in Hayden’s life.

“It’s leveled the playing field for him.”

The  tree house was built between 200-year-old oak trees on the family’s one-acre property. And Hayden’s entire first grade class rode the school bus together to come experience the tree house for the first time after it was finished.

accessible treehouse with a ramp

Hayden has even been completing his physical therapy inside the tree house instead of the family’s home. In addition, the tree house’s 65-foot wheelchair ramp is helping Hayden break barriers for himself.

“He has very low muscle tone, so it’s hard for him to go long distances in his manual chair,” Adrienne shares.  “For the very first time, he took the manual chair up and down the ramp because he was so excited.”

Hayden’s new treehouse has certainly opened up new adventures for him. It’s already been a host to slumber parties and a location where fun summer activities take place.

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