Writing With A Splint

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Written by
Brittany Déjean
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AbleThrive Original
Written by
Brittany Déjean

Eric, a quadriplegic without finger movement, demonstrates writing with a splint that holds the pen.

“It’s a simple splint that I made through the rehab,” he shares. “It’s done through the occupational therapy department.” He slides the device around his hand and it slides a ring around the index finger. “It can be any pen as long as it fits in the anchor points,” he shows. “So you can get any pen in the market.”

“Sometimes the writing might vary depending on how I sit. There are certain angles whereby I can write better if I’m sitting properly.”

He relies on writing with a splint when he has more he has to write. If he’s on the go, he writes without a splint. Either way, he has the freedom to write what and when he wants for his job, for fun, or anything else. 

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