Writing A Check

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Basic tasks like writing a check may seem daunting at first, but are far from impossible.

Meg, a quadriplegic, holds her check book open with her left forearm and hand. Once she weaves the pen through her fingers, she writes the check. “I can’t push hard enough to make it go onto the second receipt check,” she shares. “So I actually have to write the check again.” 

Once the check is written, the hardest part is getting it out of the check book itself. “Sometimes I ask someone else to do this for me,” she admits. By bracing the check book with her right hand, she slides the check between the fingers on her left hand and with some swift wrist motions is able to get the check ripped out.

Check out another method for writing without moving your fingers, check out writing with a splint, and writing without a splint, from another quadriplegic. 

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