Woman Without Hands Owns Her Positivity

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It all started with a Facebook post – that was how the world was introduced to Ikram Bakir, a 20-year-old girl from Fez who was born without hands.

The Facebook page, Humans of Morocco, aims to give a voice to everyday Moroccans, and Ikram’s story reached the hearts of thousands. It was her positive attitude that quickly drew people in.

woman without hands smiles

In her interview with Humans of Morocco, Ikram shared her family’s shocked reactions when they first saw her. She also noted that they were initially worried about her livelihood and studies, but she successfully quelled their concerns.

“Thank God, I grew up and I enrolled in a [public school] instead of a school of [the disabled persons] and I got good marks."

Besides that, Ikram has also been able to form meaningful relationships built on love and respect.

But what made people connect with Ikram was her optimism. Ikram does not view her disability as a shortcoming or shameful; rather, she sees her disability with pride.

“My disability grants me a positive advantage– when people see me, they love me and pray for me despite they do not [even] know me […] I live a good life and I do things that I like.”

Ikram also believes that as long as she sets her mind and heart to it, she can achieve all her dreams.

While Ikram’s message has touched many people, their kind responses have equally heartened her. “The words of people impressed me […] I cried [when I saw their feedback]. It is amazing to access the Internet via your gadget and find tremendous messages from people who you do not even know,” she shares.

And all it took was one simple Facebook post to bring people together within a community of support.

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