A Wine Yoke To Carry Your Drink

Written by
Brittany Déjean
Written by
Brittany Déjean

Ever been to an event in your wheelchair and not been sure how to hold your drink effectively? That's exactly what happened to Krystina, who is a quadriplegic without finger mobility. Her solution? The Wine Yoke

"I discovered these after I was at an event and someone handed me a glass...it's that awkward moment where you're like 'I can't...ah'...this eliminates all that awkwardness." 

The Wine Yoke Wine Glass Holder turns your drink into a necklace. It has a rubber base that stretches around the base of your wine glass and the glass is suspended once it's around your neck, leaving you hands free. Whether you have reduced finger dexterity or you want your hands free to push your chair, the Wine Yoke is a great way to keep your drink with you. 

a wine glass on a table with a black wine yoke around the base with a lanyard attached

Think the Wine Yoke is right for you? Get yours here:


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