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“The holiday season is just around the corner, and shopping for friends and family can be a real challenge,” says Richard Corbett. Richard has been a wheelchair user for 10 years. In the video below, he shares his ultimate gift guide for wheelchair users in 2019. 

Here are some items that made Richard’s list:

Extra Long Charging Cable

charging cable

An extra long charging cable is the first item on Richard’s list. Richard finds the extra long charging cable to be useful because he likes to get out of his wheelchair during the day, and he says with the extra long cable he knows he can reach an outlet from wherever he chooses to sit.

Richard chooses the braided cables because he says they are very durable and cannot be damaged if they get ran over by your wheelchair. 

Detachable Shower Head


“The reason why these are awesome is because you literally have a shower head in your hand and there’s different settings for different pressures,” says Richard. One benefit of the detachable shower head is that you can let it dangle in your shower so it is more easily accessible when you get in the shower. 

Loofah On A Stick With Adhesive Hook

loofah on stick

The next item on Richard’s list is a loofah on a stick with an adhesive hook. “It gives you the ability to scrub your back and to scrub your feet and your legs without having to bend too far over,” he says. The adhesive hook adds an accessible feature because the loofah is able to hang in reach and you do not have to use other tools to hang the hook.

Cordless Vacuum

cordless vacuum

Richard states, “The reason I believe (a cordless vacuum) is so important is because I believe in independence. If you want to live alone as a wheelchair user, you need to learn how to clean and one of the most difficult things to learn how to do is vacuum.” Richard recommends a “lightweight, powerful, durable” vacuum cleaner.

Handheld Air Compressor 

handheld air compressor

If you have air in your wheelchair tires or pneumatic tires Richard suggests getting a handheld air compressor so you can essentially air your tires up from anywhere you go. He states, “you don’t even have to get out of your chair. You just hook up the tube, press the on button, it inflates, screw the cap back on, and you’re good to go.”

Handheld Massager

Handheld Massager

Richard refers to a handheld massager as an “absolute game-changer.” He uses one that comes with different heads that can target different muscle groups that helps tremendously with his pain level. 

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

The next item on Richard’s list is a shoulder bag. Richard chooses to use a shoulder bag so his necessities are on him at all times. Richard carries all of his medical supplies and personal items in his bag. 

Air Fryer 

Air Fryer 

“If you want to talk independence, you need to learn how to cook for yourself,” says Richard. Richard uses the air fryer to cook all of his meals because it is several different appliances made into one. It takes the place of an oven and a fryer. “It is the ultimate way to stay healthy, fit, and just have a fun time cooking,” says Richard.

Ski Socks 

Ski Socks 

While socks may seem like a boring gift, they are very useful. Richard likes to wear ski socks in the winter because they have a thermal installation in them to keep his legs warm but doesn’t make him sweat. 





To see the other items on Richard’s gift guide and how to purchase them, check out his video above!

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