Wheelchair User's Style Guide for Winter Shoes

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Alicia Reagan states that there are some women that use wheelchairs that can pull off wearing high heels, but she is not one of them. When Alicia goes shoe shopping she searches for shoes that stay on her feet, do not cause spasms, and look good with her wardrobe.

Alicia says that she buys shoes one to two sizes bigger so that she can get them on easier. She shares some of her favorite styles of shoes for winter.

Slipper with Rubber Sole

Alicia holding a slipper

A slipper with a rubber sole is a go to style for Alicia during the winter months. She finds styles that are fur lined because the fur helps keep her feet warmer for circulation issues. The slipper style is loose for sliding them on the foot with ease.

Fur Lined Boot with Zipper

Alicia with fur lined boot in her lap

A fur lined boot with a zipper is another favorite style of shoe for Alicia during the colder months. Alicia tries to find boots with rubber grip on the sole of the shoe so that her feet stay on the foot plate of her wheelchair. Alicia feels her ankles are secure when the boot is zipped up. She prefers boots with flat bottoms so that her ankles stay in place and do not roll.

Suede Riding Boot with Zipper

Alicia putting boot on

Alicia demonstrates how she puts on her suede riding boots. Alicia wears knee high socks with her boots  She advises to be careful to not bend your toes backward if you do not have feeling in your feet. Alicia puts her palm under her foot when putting her boot on to ensure that her toes are in the correct position. She continues to feel for her toes as she pulls the boot on. The suede boot has a wide foot and toe which helps keep Alicia’s ankles in place.

When looking for shoes, Alicia says it is important to look for comfort and be sure to check your feet for red marks after taking them off.





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