Wheelchair User Demonstrates How To Go Up/Down Steep Ramp

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Whitney Bailey
Content via Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Ahmet Cunmulaj, a paraplegic, demonstrates how he goes up and down the steep portable ramp at his mother’s home.

“It’s important to know, don’t have anything big, or pretty much anything at all in your lap because (you) pretty much have to kiss (your) knees to get up (the ramp) without falling backward,” says Ahmet. He also advises to not have anything on the back of your chair to avoid tipping over as you move up the ramp.

The portable ramp is positioned right in the doorway, Ahmet does a small wheelie to lift the casters of his wheelchair over the door threshold. He does another wheelie to get his casters onto the ramp and then begins to push his chair up the ramp. Going up the ramp, Ahmet keeps his body leaning forward and pushes himself with his hands at the front of his wheels. Ahmet makes it up the ramp with only a few swift motions.

To go down the ramp, Ahmet leans back into a wheelie and glides down. He continues holding the wheelie until he is over the threshold of the door.

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