Wheelchair User Demonstrates How To Go Up/Down Patio Step

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Whitney Bailey
Content via Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Ahmet Cunmulaj, a T5 paraplegic, demonstrates how he independently goes up and down the step to get into his house.

Going Up Patio Step

Ahmet can roll up to the step and simply pop a wheelie using the door frame to pull himself up the step. However, he states that he does not feel as stable when doing this because his chair is rather tippy,

Ahmet prefers to get a rolling start before popping the wheelie to get over the step. That way it is just one quick motion. He still pulls on the inside of the door to get himself up the step.

Going Down Patio Step

To go down the step Ahmet rolls to the edge of the step, pops a wheelie and slowly eases himself off the step.

Ahmet makes going up and down the step look easy, but we are sure it took a lot of practice!

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