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Finding a safe and easy way to transfer a person with a disability is important for any caregiver. Krystina and Robyn Jackson share a how-to video on a transfer technique they have called the “Warm Embrace.” Robyn shares some advice after she  transfers Krystina, a quadriplegic, from her wheelchair to a car.

“You never want to put yourself in a position to hurt your back or knees, which is what happens most times when you bend over and pick up anything that is heavy.”

Steps To Accomplish Warm Embrace Transfer

Robyn holding Krystina in warm embrace

Krystina pulls her wheelchair up to the car, but she makes sure there is enough space between her and the car to complete the transfer. Robyn then moves the armrests of Krystina’s chair up and out of the way. Robyn then comes in and put her hand under Krystina’s knees, moving Krystina’s legs outward, so that they can straddle Robyn’s hips. Robyn moves in close to Krystina, as Krystina puts her arms around Robyn’s neck. Robyn says she then sits back and lifts Krystina with her thighs.

Robyn is now carrying Krystina as she steps backward toward the car. When she reaches the car, Robyn turns to the right to face the car as she steps up into the car with her right foot, while holding Krystina. Robyn now has the leverage to sit Krystina in the car seat. Robyn then moves Krystina’s legs into the car for a successful transfer.

Robyn is a yoga instructor. She credits yoga for providing her with the knowledge of correct body positioning and strength which helps tremendously with transfer techniques.

Robyn and Krystina want everyone to be safe when performing transfers. Remember to lift with your thighs and not your back! Watch their transfer below.

At the end of the video, also check out Krystina and a friend using the “Warm Embrace” technique to transfer Krystina on the Wonder Woman amusement ride!

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