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Written by
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A portable ramp can come in really handy if you are a wheelchair user or have a family member who is.

Jeff is a quadriplegic, and he and his wife Kristen have two 3-foot folding ramps from Prairie View Industries that they use in their home.

"We have one ramp that leads out our back door that we've bolted down. So it stays in place permanently. The other ramp leads from the garage into our house, and we've kept that one portable. That's the one we take with us when we go somewhere that isn't accessible. For example, my Dad's house has a step to get in the front door, so whenever we visit him, we just load up the ramp in the back of the van behind Jeff's chair, and we're good to go."

Kristen says the portable ramp is lightweight enough for her to lift and transport, yet sturdy enough to accommodate her husband's power wheelchair. Plus, the surface of the ramp is textured which prevents the wheelchair tires from slipping.

Watch this quick video as Kristen demonstrates how she and Jeff use their portable ramp.

First, Kristen places the edge of the ramp onto the threshold of the doorway. She gives each side a firm kick toward the threshold to ensure the ramp in securely in place. Then Jeff easily comes down the ramp. Afterward, Kristen folds up the ramp, and carries it away.

Something important to keep in mind when purchasing a ramp is to make sure it's long enough so that the angle isn't too steep. Check out this graphic by Prairie View Industries to ensure you choose the right length ramp to keep you safe and accommodate your needs.

Ramp Selection Quick Reference graphic

If you think you would benefit from a portable ramp, you can get your own from the links below.


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