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Tying shoe laces can be a tricky skill to master. Tying them with one handed can be even more of a challenge. But Ellie says it’s not impossible. Ellie has Erb’s Palsy, and she began teaching herself how to tie her shoe laces with one hand about a year before she made a step-by-step video to show her viewers how she accomplishes the task.

Ellie admits that while a year has passed since she first began acquiring this tricky skill, she is still practicing.

“I am trying desperately to perfect my lace tying skills. They’re not perfect, but as I tell you all the time, practice does make perfect. And I can at least tie my laces so that my shoes do stay on my feet and that the laces don’t come undone.”

Here’s Ellie’s 7 steps for tying shoe laces using one hand.

  • Tighten the laces to make sure your shoes won’t fall off later on!
  • Make a cross with the laces, then tuck one lace under the other.
  • With your other foot, stomp on the nearest lace, then tighten again.
  • Wrap the loose lace around the other lace.
  • Create a loop (or bunny ear) and push through the hole created by wrapping one lace around the other.
  • Release the stretched lace under your foot and wrap it around the “bunny ear” loop.
  • Create another loop, then tuck it into the hole created by the wrap around.

Check out Ellie’s steps in action in her YouTube video below. She begins the lace tying at the 4:15 mark, and follows that up with detailed pictures of the steps.

Ellie hopes her video will help others who might be struggling to tie shoe laces using one hand – or “inspire you to try and tie them another way,” she shares.

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