Transitioning Living Environments To Find What Works

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Antonio, a quadriplegic, went home after he sustained a spinal cord injury with his mom and brother. With his brother being only 13 years old and his mother being a smaller woman, he wasn’t able to do anything for himself. He stayed at home for a year and a half. “I decided I needed to go to a nursing home,” he said. “Somewhere where I can get my independence, they can work with me, and hopefully I can get better.”

He first transitioned into a nursing home, where he met his future wife who was there visiting her father. Once they decided to be together, they moved into a wheelchair accessible apartment and have been together for years.

It can be tough to figure out the best environment for you, whether you’re transitioning from nursing home to apartment or from hospital to home. By working with your support network and the people around you, you can find ways to maximize your independence and quality of life. 

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