Transfer From Wheelchair to Couch

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Meg Johnson
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Meg Johnson, a C6/7 quadriplegic, finds that when she has a friend or guest over in her home, she likes to sit with them on the couch.

"When people come over, and they're standing, I really feel like I am standing. This is how I move around, so I really feel like I am standing up. But if they're sitting, I feel like I'm standing while they're sitting. So I like to sit next to them."

To transfer to her couch, first Meg positions her wheelchair close to it and sets the brake. Shifting her leg closest to the couch off its footrest, she scoots herself forward on her seat several times. At the same time, she positions her hand closest to the couch to brace her as she scoots forward, until she can push her body over to be sitting on the couch.

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