Transfer Into and Out of a Jeep

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Chris, a paraplegic, demonstrates how she gets into and out of her Jeep, including a high transfer from her wheelchair into the vehicle and back again.

Transfer Into the Jeep

Chris pulls up next to the open door of the vehicle, then she puts her right hand on the driver’s seat, and uses it to boost herself up into the seat.

Now it’s time to break down her chair. She starts by removing the cushion and side plates, and places them in the passenger seat.

Then she removes the wheels one by one and puts them in the back seat.

“Wheels off, and then I lean it up so it doesn’t fall down.”

Chris leans the frame of the wheelchair up against the open door of the driver’s side. Then she folds the top of the wheelchair down, and lifts the frame across her body and places it into the passenger seat. She then buckles the frame into the seat so that it stays secure while she’s driving.

Watch how she does it!

Transfer Out of the Jeep

When it comes to getting out of the Jeep, Chris repeats the process above, but in reverse.

She starts by getting the frame out first, then attaches the wheels. She spins the chair around to face her open door. Then she puts the side plates and cushion back in place.

Then with one hand on the seat of the wheelchair, and the other on the bottom of the steering wheel, she transfers out of the vehicle and into her chair.

Watch Chris complete all the steps!

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