Tips For Staying Warm In The Winter

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Alicia Reagan
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Alicia Reagan says she used to enjoy cold weather, that was until she sustained a spinal cord injury. “The cold just isn’t the same anymore. At all. It is absolutely unbearable and it isn’t just me. It is very common within the spinal cord injury community,” she says.

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Here are some of Alicia’s tips for staying warm in the winter if you have a spinal cord injury:

Tips For Staying Warm Inside

  • Electric Blanket - Alicia states she uses an electric blanket to keep warm while lounging inside. “(An electric blanket) is my very favorite “warmth” tool. It is large enough to wrap my body up like a cocoon, but small enough to handle and not get stuck in,” she says. Please keep in mind that the use of electric blankets can be dangerous for people with spinal cord injuries. To prevent burns consider using the blanket on the lowest setting for short periods of time while checking your skin periodically where the blanket is touching.
  • Layered Clothing - It is easy for people with spinal cord injuries to overheat. Therefore, Alicia suggests dressing in layers. She writes, “Multiple thinner layers are much better indoors where you can add to or take away as needed to help keep your body temperature in the comfortable zone.”
  • Hot Tea - Alicia says, “A hot drink warms up the insides and really helps to take the edge off the intense cold.”
  • Hot Shower - If the cold is unbearable, Alicia says she will take a hot shower to knock the edge off!

Tips For Staying Warm Outside

  • Warm Your Vehicle - If you have to venture out in the cold, Alicia suggest turning the heat on and letting your car warm up before getting in it.
  • Scarf - Alicia’s favorite winter accessory is a scarf. She advertises a scarf in her post writing, “The neck is the most important area for cooling down or warming up, and I have always tried to keep my neck covered, but this big scarf has been wonderful! It is such a large scarf, I can wrap it over my head, or I can bunch it up around my neck, or I can pull it around my shoulders like a cape, or I can lay it on lap as a blanket….did I say I love this scarf?”
  • Fur-Lined Boots - Alicia wears fur-lined boots in the winter because regular shoes do not keep her feet as warm.
  • Hoodie - Alicia does not like wearing coats in the winter because they make it more difficult for her to push her wheelchair. Alicia wears a large hoodie with a front pocket to stick her hands in when needed. She says the hood also is useful when the wind is blowing.

Check out Alicia’s original post for more tips!

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