Tips For Modifying Home For Quadriplegics

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Steph Aiello
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Steph Aiello, a quadriplegic with limited hand function, has a youtube channel where she post makeup videos, fashion tips, and lifestyle vlogs. She recently moved into her own house, and she shares how she has made her home wheelchair accessible.

Ramp with Pallet

portable ramp

Steph has a portable ramp in the entrance of her house. She placed a wooden pallet outside her entryway to even out the gap from the doorway to outside. This way she does not have to worry about the gap every time she goes outside.

Keypad Lock System With Lever Door Knob

Keypad lock system

Steph installed a keypad lock system for easier access. Instead of dealing with keys, Steph punches in a code to lock and unlock her house.



Steph opening door

All of the door knobs in Steph’s house have been replaced with lever door knobs. Steph can hook her wrist behind the lever and pull to open the door.

Makeshift Kitchen

Steph's Kitchen Set Up

It is difficult for Steph to use the appliances in a standard kitchen, so she has set up her own kitchen in the corner of her dining room. Her setup is complete with a microwave, portable stove, toaster oven and coffee maker.

Picture of steph's washer/dryer and fridge

Open Faced Washer and Dryer

Steph has an open faced washer and dryer, so that she can just open the door to get her clothes in and out.

Accessible Fridge

Steph’s refrigerator has a pull out drawer in the bottom for easy access to the freezer. She also uses the bottom drawers in the fridge section, and her roommates use the top.

Dog Leashes To Close Doors

Picture of steph closing door with dog leash

Steph attaches dog leashes to her door knobs and pulls them to shut the door behind her. She has plastic hooks to hang the excess of the leash, so that it is out of the way. She wraps the leash around her hand and pulls to shut the door. When the door is close enough, she hooks her wrist in the door knob to pull the door closed.

picture of steph's room

Amazon Echo/Dot

Steph uses the Amazon Echo/Dot to turn her lights on/and off.

Curtains For Closet Doors

Steph has replaced her closet doors with curtains for easier access to her wardrobe.

Adjustable Bed

Steph’s bed is adjustable meaning that she can move the head or the feet up or down. She states that this makes this makes getting dressed easier.

Steph hopes that by sharing some of the accommodations she has made in her own home, it will help spark some ideas for fellow wheelchair users. Check out her full video!

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