Tips for Jumping Curbs

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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of crossing the street only to realize there’s no curb cut available? Or maybe the nearest one is in the opposite direction you’re going? If you’re a manual wheelchair user like Gary, check out his instructions on how to jump a curb – or even a single step – to help make getting where you need to go a little faster.

First, “you have to have mastered your wheelie skills,” says Gary. You need to be comfortable leaning back and balancing with your casters off the ground. You’ll also need to be able to wheel forward while doing a wheelie “because you have to approach the curb in motion."

Also, make sure your casters are high enough to clear the curb as you make your approach.

Lastly, “the most important technique,” says Gary “… you give a last strong push right when the main wheels make contact with the curb.” With practice you’ll be hopping curbs like a pro.

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