Tips for Closing Doors

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If you are a wheelchair user who has struggled with closing the door to your home or trunk of your vehicle, Bob has a few tips you’ll want to check out.

Bob demonstrates how he closes his front door as he exits. He has installed a cabinet knob on the outside of the door located near the hinge. “If you have limited hand dexterity,” narrates Bob, “you can install a cabinet pull which would allow you to put your fingers in there, and pull it closed.” Bob then wheels out the door, reaches back to grab the cabinet knob, and easily closes the door behind him.

Next, Bob shows us how wheelchair users can close hatchbacks or trunks of their vehicles since those are often out of reach to someone who is seated.

Bob has made a grabbing tool out of a straight welding rod with a dowel at the bottom and a small hook at the top. Using the tool, he can reach up to the open hatchback, insert the hook into the drain hole (which all vehicles have), and pull the door or trunk down.

Bob also talks about how the hook tool can be used to pull items closer in the back or trunk of the vehicle that may have shifted forward during driving.

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