#ThriveWorldWide 2019 - Fight The Stroke

Written by
Whitney Bailey
Written by
Whitney Bailey

Francesca Fedeli and Roberto D’Angelo are the co-founders of Fight The Stroke. Fight The Stroke is a social enterprise supporting the cause of young stroke survivors and children who have Infantile Cerebral Palsy. 

Learn more about Francesca and why she chose to be a host for Thrive Worldwide 2019 in her interview below. 

Photo Credit - Wired by Umberto Costamagna

How did you find out about Ablethrive.com and #ThriveWorldwide?

We already took part in #thriveworldwide thanks to the shared GGF fellowship with Brittany.

If this isn’t your first meetup, what brings you back to this campaign to participate again?

We appreciate a yearly appointment to raise awareness of the mismatch of people with disabilities and the environment.

Why did you decide to be a #ThriveWorldWide host?

To spread the collective energy behind the stereotype of disability.

Which partner organization are you representing? (If applicable)


What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

Simply living your everyday life without thinking to the mismatch of people with disabilities and the environment.

#ThriveWorldwide is a global campaign on December 3rd, the International Day of People with Disabilities. We host meet-ups around the world to bring people together to celebrate living life to the fullest. Join us by posting a photo of you with the hashtag #ThriveWorldwide or contact us if you'd like to host a meet-up of your own!

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