#ThriveWorldwide 2019 - AQA Spire

Written by
Whitney Bailey
Written by
Whitney Bailey

Spire is a support organization for people with spinal cord injuries. Nazim Erdem is the team leader for AQA Spire. He states, “We are heavily involved in providing peer support to people who sustain an SCI through rehab and into the community. Another area we work in is creating community networks (Women’s Group; Family group; Regional groups).” 


Nazim and AQA Spire is hosting a meet up for Thrive Worldwide 2019. Learn more about the specific meet up by reading the interview questions below.

How did you find out about Ablethrive.com and #ThriveWorldwide?

We found out about Ablethrive a few years ago when Brittany Déjean visited our office Melbourne Australia.

If this isn’t your first meetup, what brings you back to this campaign to participate again?

Last year we got together with one of our regional spinal networks. It’s always fantastic to get together and hear each other’s stories as well as listening to special guest speakers.

Why did you decide to be a #ThriveWorldWide host?

We decided to be an Ablethrive host because we feel it is very important that different organisations network with each other and know what we all do.

Which partner organization are you representing? (If applicable) 

AQA Victoria

What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

It’s important to live life to the fullest because life is too short. We need to improve ourselves as people all the time and enjoy life.

Thrive Worldwide Meet-up Details

What do you plan for your #ThriveWorldwide meetup? What do you hope will happen at the meetup?

We will meet at one of our regional spinal networks and share information between ourselves.  We will also have a special guest speaker.

Who would you like to see at your #ThriveWorldwide meetup and why?

Anyone with an interest in SCI joining us to share information, network, problem solve.


#ThriveWorldwide is a global campaign on December 3rd, the International Day of People with Disabilities. We host meet-ups around the world to bring people together to celebrate living life to the fullest. Join us by posting a photo of you with the hashtag #ThriveWorldwide or contact us if you'd like to host a meet-up of your own!

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