Taking A Stand: Advocating for Medical Equipment

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Whitney Bailey

Having the ability to stand and look someone in the eye is an action that Michael Powell will never take for granted. Michael, born with cerebral palsy, has raised money for his very own standing wheelchair. He proclaims that the mobility device has had a positive impact in his daily life and overall well-being.

“‘I know that sounds like a really minimal thing but (standing) makes the world of difference because people see you in a different light. It really helps with developing relationships and developing self-confidence within myself.”

Standing wheelchairs can be expensive, and may not be covered by insurance. Michael and his support system raised over $10,000 U.S. dollars for his wheelchair because of lack of funds from insurance agencies.

“I’ve had a couple of whip arounds from friends and colleagues but because of the lack of funding and lack of funding opportunities we really had to scrape most of the money together from our savings and it has been really difficult.”

Michael achieved his goal of purchasing a standing wheelchair. He advocated for his needs and reached out to various organizations to ask for help. Michael hopes that by reaching out to such organizations it raises awareness for people with disabilities to get access to the medical equipment they need.

Michael in a upright position using his standing wheelchair

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