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Steven Jacobo, a paraplegic, shares several how-to videos on his YouTube channel (Steven Jacobo Vlogs) demonstrating certain independent living tasks.

 Steven shares a video collage documenting how he does various transfers over a three-year period.  At the beginning of this particular video, Steven tells his viewers how important it is to know how to transfer correctly.  Without this knowledge, individuals could be injured badly, he says.  He also states that these transfers take "very strong upper body strength."

Floor To Wheelchair Transfer

The first clip of the video (0:24-0:40) Steven demonstrates a floor to wheelchair transfer. To begin, Steven gets as close to the chair as he can at a 90-degree angle.  Then, he grabs the leg rest with his left arm, while pushing and extending his right arm on the floor.  At the same time, Steven swings and pushes his body onto the wheelchair.

Bathtub To Wheelchair Transfer

Next, Steven shows how he transfers from the tub to his wheelchair (0:41-1:13).  He parks his wheelchair parallel to the tub and then uses his hands to lift his legs over the edge of the tub while on the shower bench.  Steven then scoots forward and leans to grab the left wheel of the wheelchair and raises himself up and over to the wheelchair.

Truck Transfer

Steven has the ability to transfer from a chair to a big truck and then back down to the chair again (clips 2:26-3:11.)  He lifts himself into the truck using the truck's overhead grab bar.  To reverse the process, Steven holds onto the grab bar and reaches for the chair wheel, then lowers himself to the seat.

Bobsled Transfer

The video also showcases Steven's skill in transferring from his wheelchair into a bobsled (clips 3:14-4:15.)  His bobsled has a grab bar built into the sides to enable him to get into the correct position without any help from others.  Steven accomplished this within a minute. 

Check out Steven’s video to see all of his transfers! Share this post with someone who is learning the skill of transferring!

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