A Shift In Attitude To Recover After Stroke

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George Scola was thirty-nine when he walked across sweltering South Africa from Beitbridge to Cape Point, roughly Maine to Florida. Just two years earlier, he had been paralyzed by a stroke, then overwhelmed with depression at losing his body, speech, business, and marriage.

When asked what kept him going, his answer was simple: “To show there is life after stroke.”

George was interviewed by Alice Li for her “Disability In…Project” to gain insight into the experience of having a stroke in South Africa. After George’s stroke in 2008, he tried to find support, even just someone to speak to, and when this failed decided to start a foundation to other future stroke survivors. This led to his co-founding of the Stroke Survivors Foundation, based in Johannesburg.

George committed to his cross-country walk, what it’s like to live in a country that is at once developed and developing, his coming to terms with his stroke, and his change in attitude that changed his life: 

“I kept thinking of what I had lost. And never did it cross my mind to think, ‘Look what you still have'."

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