Shaving Legs In The Car

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Meg Johnson
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You may wonder why Meg Johnson, quadriplegic, shaves her leg in her car, but don’t worry! She has a perfectly good explanation.

“The car is easy because there’s so many things to lean on and push on and I have a lot of room just to move around."

Meg found it hard to reach her legs to shave while in her wheelchair. “I can’t reach all of my leg comfortably,” she says. “I can just hook on my steering wheel and lean down real far so I can get the outside of my leg.” While sitting in her wheelchair, the combination of the bend of her legs and the bars of her chair made it impossible to reach all the places. Meg does a dry shave which works for her and she shows all the ways she uses what’s in her car to help her get the job done.

“You gotta do what you gotta do to be normal and live a happy life,” Meg shares, “and if I have to shave my legs in my car to do it, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” We agree, so watch Meg’s demo to see if shaving legs in your car is the way to go for you:

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