Sesame Enable: A Smartphone Controlled by Head Movements

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Written by
Kristen Sachs
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Written by
Kristen Sachs

The Sesame Enable Phone is the world’s first truly hands-free device that allows users to control a smartphone with head movements.

How It Works

Sesame Enable’s app tracks head movements using a front-facing camera. A cursor appears on the screen, and the user can fully operate the phone using head movements and voice commands.

There are three options on their product page

Android App: Download the app from the Google Play store and install it on your existing Android phone (available for Android 7 and up) with a 30 day free trial! 

• No additional hardware required
• Total control using head movement
• Personalized customer care and support

Don't miss their holiday special: $14.99/month until the end of 2017 - a 25% savings! 

Full Kit: Purchase an Android phone with a 3-year license for the Sesame software.

Medical Professionals: Be a gateway to patients who can benefit. 

Benefits to you

Independence: Operate your device on your own without any additional tools. 

Privacy: Once you've said 'Open Sesame' to open the program, the rest is controlled without your voice. 

Safety: Communicate with whoever you need on your own.  

Equality: Use your phone wherever you like for optimal convenience. 

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User Experiences

Gary is a quadriplegic with multiple sclerosis who uses Sesame on his Samsung Galaxy phone at least 8 hours per day. He mainly uses Sesame for browsing and interacting on social media and texting.

Bri is a teenager who enjoys connecting with her friends via social media and text. She is a C2 quadriplegic who uses Sesame every day for 5-10 hours. Bri used to rely on her mom for help with making a phone call, but with Sesame, she can make calls independently.

For Rick, a C3 quadriplegic, Sesame has brought him peace of mind. He used to make calls on his computer, but that wasn’t always reliable. Now he can make calls easily and independently using Sesame.  


“I couldn’t imagine leading the disabilities awareness campaign without this wonderful device.” - Alex, Israel

“My Sesame phone is a safety blanket. If I need help, I can get it.” - Rick, Texas

For more information: Head to Sesame Enable and try 30 days for free! 

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