Relax With Mindfulness Meditation

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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
Curated by
Kristen Sachs

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the pace of life? I’m sure most of us can answer "Yes" to this question. Candace, a paraplegic, sums it up like this:

“I’ve found having a spinal cord injury in this fast-paced 21st century can be overwhelming and exhausting to my body, mind, and spirit.”

So she's found a way to combat the stress of a hectic life by practicing mindfulness meditation – a type of meditation that focuses on the breath as it moves in and out of the body.

Candace initially started incorporating mindfulness meditation in 5-minute increments into her day. Now she has established a 30-45 minute morning meditation routine. Here are the steps Candace uses.

  1. Begin by breathing through the nose and taking the breath into the belly.
  2. Once you’ve taken in the breath, pause for 3 seconds. This pause is called the gap – where the mind goes quiet.
  3. Then exhale and let your mind relax.

Meditation can be done anywhere at any time. Try it lying down, in your chair, or even sitting on a soft cushion. With some experimentation, you can find the right time and place for you.

“I’ve found that with my mindfulness meditation, I have peace of mind and energy to spare.”

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