Rapper With Arthrogryposis Multiplex congenita Motivates Others

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Marc Anthony Romero is a songwriter, singer, motivational speaker, and author. On stage his fans know him as King Montana, the first quadriplegic rapper who has been signed to a major record label. Marc Anthony was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. He uses his experiences as a person with a disability to motivate others.

“When you have a disability, some people never give you a chance. But there’s a lot of good people on this earth. Love always wins.”

Marc Anthony using his computer with a pointing stick in his mouth

Marc Anthony’s upbeat tone has resonated with people he has worked with, including musicians and public speakers. His personality caught the attention of filmmaker Getrude Matshe, who encouraged Marc Anthony to write his memoir titled, In My Shoes: My Magical Moments. He states that he wrote the book to bring attention to disability awareness.

Music has always been an important aspect of Marc Anthony’s life. He recorded his first song at the age of 16 in his cousin’s studio. In 2000, Marc Anthony was a part of a rap band called Lost Productz. He came up with the stage name “King Montana” so that he would not be mistaken for the famous salsa star Marc Anthony.

As King Montana, Marc Anthony wrote and was featured on the single “Que Bonita.” The song was played on the nationally syndicated radio show, “Pocos Peros Locos.” He has also released three albums on iTunes.

Marc Anthony says his success did not come easy as he feels that he has had to overcome the stigmas that are often associated with disability.

“I let my music do my talking for me. I learned at a young age not to pay attention to negativity. As long as my work was good, it took care of the negative stuff.”

Check out the song "Call Me Up" by King Montana featuring Kristine Mirelle.

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