Quadriplegic's Perspective On Life Post Injury

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Sophia Malthus dedicated her life to the sport of horse racing. “I always thought I would become a jockey even though it's a lot of work, we would work 13 days on and one day off from 4:30 AM – it was my whole life,” she said. Sophia sustained a C4/C5 spinal cord injury after falling from her horse, and her life was changed.

Sophia petting her horse

“Before you're in a wheelchair you have no idea what it's like to live in a wheelchair.”

While in the hospital, Sophia pondered what her life using a wheelchair would be like. She says, “Then when I realised that I would be in a wheelchair I just thought "oh God, I'm never going to be able to do anything" but I can actually do quite a lot of stuff, there are just a lot of challenges.”

Sophia reminisces about her days in rehab saying that they were some of the more enjoyable times of her life. She made friendships while in rehab that will last a lifetime.

“That experience was like really good for my emotional well being, to be around such a cool group of guys who I'm still such good friends with,” says Sophia.

Picture of Sophia in wheelchair

“But if I just let it be I can just enjoy the good times and get on with it.”

Sophia has gained several thousand Instagram followers Instagram followers. She hopes to show other people with spinal cord injuries the possibilities of life post-injury. “I know that my Instagram account gets shown to other young girls who have just had a spinal cord injury and I want them to know that you can still have a happy and fulfilling life,” says Sophia.

However, Sophia does not hide her daily struggles of living with a spinal cord injury. She states, “But people should also realise that I didn't just break my neck and go back to life – I haven't been to school or work in two years. I haven't been out, it's had a massive impact on everything there isn't one part of my life that it doesn't affect - but I still want people to know that I'm still happy.”   

Sophia is still involved in the jockey world, but nowadays, she helps present awards to fellow jockeys instead of cleaning the stables. Here’s to her future successes!

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